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Maria Marshall, Real Murder Victim, Lied About In Jenny Death Chain Hoax.

link this post written on 16/01/2012
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Jenny Jenny, I don't give a penny!


You are being lied to by the idiot who started the Jenny death hoax.


Maria Marshall, Keisha Jones, and Omar Wilkinson were not killed by a chain letter. None of them died at the locations, on the dates, or in the manner the Jenny chain claims. The only one out of the three names mentioned who was a murder victim is Maria Marshall. The others are still living.

Please stay tuned for the facts on these people to be presented further down the page. In addition, read Sierra Schultz's post which summarizes it all very nicely.

If there had been an Omar Wilkinson murdered, search results would've turned up information. There are Omar Wilkinsons around, alive, on sites like Facebook and Linkedin, and no sites with articles about an Omar Wilkinson being killed other than reposts of the pants-on-fire Jenny chain letter.

There are other Maria Marshalls and Keisha Jones's who are very much alive. Just Google and you'll find people with these names all over social networks.

Unfortunately, Jenny is not the only death chain hoax to misuse the names of real people and events, lying about them in a forward-or-die con. The 1959 Dyatlov Mountain Hiker Tragedy, Kelsey Smith Briggs, Teresa Fidalgo, Amanda Todd, and possibly a woman who called herself Savannah were lied about, their names misused and dragged into chain letters they didn't create and have nothing to do with. It takes a very heartless person to make up a death chain and drag the names of real people who died into it. How would they like it if one of their family died and someone came along and made up a death chain, using the name of their deceased family member? Those hikers, Amanda, Maria, Kelsey, Teresa,and Savannah don't deserve to have their memory treated so shabbily.

Unbelievably, a blogger named Chris, got negative comments from Jenny dupes when she did a great smash of the Jenny chain, and some people who apparently can't read or have some other issues with comprehension, actually seemed to think Chris was behind the hoax, and, they believed the Jenny stories were true because of Wikipedia.

Look here, people: Chris did NOT originate this hoax, she is NOT Jenny.

Second, just because there really were people who got killed does NOT make what the Jenny chain says about them or anything else true. wikipedia does not make the Jenny chain out to be true. Wikipedia only deals with the actual cases of Maria Marshall, and Keisha Jones's.

This stupid Jenny death chain hoax has invaded Facebook and scared people on Yahoo Answers as well as other sites.


June 6, 2011. June 6, 2012. June 28, 2012. July 16, 2012. August 11, 2012. December 1, 2012 on soduoduo.com. December 1, 2012 on indie-cds.com. January 20, 2013 on Yahoo Answers. January 31, 2013, on Facebook. May 30, 2013, on the Lexington KY section of Topix forums. Topix is unfortunately inaccessible to anyone who can't see a captcha image, so you may need Rumola or DeathByCaptcha. May 30, 2013.. May 31, 2013.

On August 1, 2014, Jessica Luna reposted the Jenny chain as a comment to this post on Jenni Farley's AKA JWOWW's Facebook page. It is a very trimmed down version from the longer text, but it's still the same dumb hoax.


Another dealive kid chain-smash by yours truly coming up, but first, this great Youtube video pointing out and proving this chain letter is utterly stupid.

Jasmine agrees.

Now, here goes.

* * *

Jenny's chains: Hi My

name is



Poster: Boy, so many Jennies in these chains...

Miss Capri: So, Jenny, obviously you're not Jenny the 7-year-old dealive red-head. Which leaves the Jenny from the Dead Reckoning dying teen don't drink and drive poem chain, or Jen In Your Closet, Jenny, one of those babysitters scared of the phone, or PrincessJ00 Jenny from the forwarding con that says you'll get the rest of the story by passing it on to other people. Bull. And you can call me Miss Capri.

Jenny: I am




years old

Poster: Oh really? For how long? Because I remember this chain circulating for quite a while.

Jenny: and


have dark blonde hair.

Poster: What if I told you that nobody cares?

Miss Capri: Apparently you've been 16 for years, and I don't care what your hair colour is.


Miss Capri: I can start smashing this chain.




Poster: Actually, I can stop whenever I want. You are not a dictator of some sort.

Miss Capri: You may not presume to tell me what I may or may not do. I'll stop many times while reading, to smash this chain through and through. NOZt or no NOZt… What the heck is a NOZt?

Jenny: and u can't stop reading now I have started!!

Miss Capri: Huh? Because you've started reading, that's supposed to mean I automatically can't stop reading? What a laugh, you're getting more and more ridiculous with each recycling/mutation of this stupid hoax.

Jenny: I was murdered

Miss Capri: No you weren't, or you couldn't keep trolling the net with this chain.

Jenny: July 14th


Poster: Really? Did you have to use that specific date?

Miss Capri: Why this fascination with July 14? And notice how it is written differently in different versions? Just one more thing to look out for in determining whether something could be valid or not. and in this case, it will never be. Chain letters often have slight changes in wording and writing style as they get recycled to troll the net year after year.

Jenny: with my fathers shotgun ............and


butcher knife.

Miss Capri: If you were killed, how would you know you were killed and by whom and what? This overkill doesn't even make sense, a gun and a knife? If you were trying to sound scary and make me sorry for you, Jenny, you failed.

One other little thing… You have more than one father? It took more than one man and one woman to spawn you? Sure doesn't seem worth all that effort to me.

Poster: Ugh! So many knives in these chains! Like: Boooooooooooooo, the knives of doooo-ooooo-ooooo-oooooom. And hoe did he kill you with both. He killed you with the knife, reanimated you and killed you again with the shotgun? *smiles sarcastically*

Miss Capri: *Snicker*

If we're not making this quite clear enough, mary.mcquillan has this to add:

mary.mcquillan: if she is dead, how is she surfing the net?? For a ghost she is pretty good.

Miss Capri: And in case you still don't quite get it, Jenny, the point is, if you're dead, you're dead. You can't write messages or go on the net let alone know who's spreading your hoax and who isn't.

Jenny: If you


do not

post this on 20 other



Poster: I won't be a spamming idiot.

Miss Capri: I will not have fallen for your stupid hoax and annoyed or duped anyone else and acted like a chump into the bargain.

Jenny: i will come

to your house in the middle of the night and




u in the middle of the night

with my



Miss Capri: Urgh! Same problem as before, you forgot the apostrophe!

Jenny: shotgun and butcher knife.

Poster: It is "I". Capitalized. Also, BULLCRAP! I have read this chain so many times and I am still here.

Miss Capri: So just exactly how would you manage that if you're supposed to be dead? And you try getting anything past me, I'll eat your face off. Just ask Bloody Mary and her gang of pals who tried. Not that you can…

Oh, and I'm not spamming 20 pages with your laughable lie.

Jenny: You







to complete this task.

Poster: No.

Miss Capri: You have 5 seconds to try getting out of my way.

Jenny: Don't believe me,???

Miss Capri: DUH!

Poster: No. Not a reason to believe you.

Jenny: Google Maria Marshall, Keisha Jones. And Omar. Wilkinson

Miss Capri: I have. Among more replications of your stupid hoax, I found out the truth about Maria Marshall and a few Keisha Jones. No Omar Wilkinson murder case found in any legitimate database. Only copies of this stupid chain.

Jenny: *-maria marshall, Pelham, Texas 1998, was showing and went to bed right after, found dead the next morning. -

Miss Capri: Wrong. The real Maria Marshall was murdered September 6, 1984, in Oyster Creek, NJ, not in 1998, Pelham, TX.

But your fake girl went to bed right after showing the next morning and was dead? Yeah, no sense… Showing what? Showing how she could pass on chain letters? And what's this stuff you mention in the above about July? Did you and Maria die on the same night in the same month or something?

Jenny: *-keisha jones, Nashville, Tennesee 1995, fell asleep while watching television and mother heard gunshot and scream, found next morning lying on the floor.

Miss Capri: There is more than one Keisha Jones, and one is a fictional character in a series.

The real Keisha Jones's, *Shudder* Ugh! There are three infamous ones that I found so far.

One Keisha Jones killed her boyfriend with a vehicle in Grays Ferry.

Another Keisha Jones was charged with murdering a toddler in roseland.

The third Keisha Jones, ugh! *Cringe* She tried to kill her husband's mistress's baby and the mistress with drugs and poison in Brooklyn, not Nashville TN.

*Grimaces, appalled*

So, your next fake girl heard the shotgun scream and lay on the floor? You're losing it, Jenny. Please, stop with the pathetic bogus example stories before you kill your very last brain cell.

Jenny: *-omar wilkionsin, milwaukee, wisconsin 2002, reading a book to go to bed and was shot and stabbed through the book after he fell asleep.

Miss Capri: And the moral of this silly tale, don't try to use a book as a shield in the midst of a battle. No, really. You can't even spell 'Wilkinson' right.

Poster: Most of these are fake. There is one though that really was killed, but it was wrong place and/or date and definetely does not have to do with the chain.

Jenny: Still



believe me?

Poster: No. I think we already went through that.

Miss Capri: Duh, Jenny, you can tell me that a mushroom is really a kind of potato as many times as you like, and that will never make it true. You're a liar, Jenny, and you stink laughably at it.

Jenny: google their names....

Poster: Already did. As I said, most of those are fake and I have proof.

Miss Capri: Lol Jenny, you piffling moron! Guess what? I DID Google their names, and that's how your buttkiss examples got debunked, your whole pile of bollox, utterly smashed!

Jenny: Trust me

Miss Capri: Rofl Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! NOT!

I hope anyone who reads the links I provided on Maria Marshall and Keisha Jones, and the complete absence of Omar Wilkinson stories will know better than to trust the likes of you in future!

Jenny: i did not want to paste this.

Poster: THEN WHY DID YOU?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Miss Capri: Well you never had to. and now, it's smashed and so is your ability to scare anyone else once they read this smash.

Jenny: But it's kinda scary

Poster: How can this be scary?

Miss Capri: No, it's very stupid. Your saying something is scary doesn't make it scary. But there is every bit of proof with the people you continue not to kill as your hoax is spread, and the links (found on Google) debunking your bogus example death stories, that this chain is stupid.

Jenny: so I did it



to be sure

Miss Capri: You did it to start a lousy hoax. Your intent, Jenny, is dishonest and dishonourable.

Go jump in a lake.


Jenny is done for.

By another poster

Once there was a spoiled brat called Jenny. She hated some people, including her father, because he didn't buy her the barbie mermaid princess doll and took away her doll when she tantrum - ed. (She was really immature for her age.)

So she decided to write a chain letter, where she said she was killed by her father, and added in the people she hated including her father as examples.

In a stunning display of manipulative callousness, Jenny included the name of a real murder victim into one of her bogus example stories in a bid for credibility. She knew that might be likely to convince more people that her chain letter had special powers. She just hoped they would all be too scared to look up the facts upon her daring them to Google.

As a result, Jenny, like Clarissa, was ignored and her father and enemies disappeared.

Later, a period of time after being smashed by Capri, Jenny found herself transported to some unfamiliar room.

A figure appeared. He told Jenny about the rules of dealife.

-I like writing books., he said as he pulled something that looked like a necromancy spellbook, but wasn't. If it had been, Miss Capri would not have handed Jenny over to him. However, it had the the appearance that made it irresistible to dealive chain freaks who were sometimes into the occult.

Jenny, still not fearing him, reached out for the book, thinking she could grab it and use it as a means to dominate the world.

She would be shocked and bitterly disappointed.

The figure continued his explanation, "And this book contains every horror. And this is where you will stay until you fade away." He then proceeded to suck her into the book.

She will be chased by everything scary in there, and sneered at by anyone with sense outside of the book, until she becomes erased along with her chain, when it completely stops.

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link this post written on 18/06/2013
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Hi Miss.Capri, I'm New to the Chain-Smashers and I loved your smash. Your well grinded smash on this well-deserved-to-be-obliterated scam inspired me to do one of my first smash of the same thing. If you care to read it, here it is.


Jenny: Hi My name is names Jenny. I am I'm 16 years old and have dark blonde hair.

Me: Hi, and does it look like I care what you look like? I don't think so, and what's with all the stuttering?  Call me Ryanization1.


Me: First off your grammer is worse than a First Grader's. Second off, this is America where I'm typing this so I'm free to do what I want. That INCLUDES stopping in the process of reading your stupid message.

Jenny: I was murdered July 14th with my fathers shotgun ............and butcher knife.

Me: Oh, I feel so sorry for you. NOT! Also if you were killed HOW ON EARTH do you know the exact date Lass Gastly? July 14th isn't any special date on the calendar so explain why it was that date! Also who uses a BUTCHER'S Knife to slaughter anything other than cattle besides Yunsung in the Soulcalibur series? I dought he would be your Father since It mentions NOTHING about you Jenny in his Soulcalibur 2 profile. Anyways moving on.

Jenny: If you do not post this on 20 other pages i will come to your house in the middle of the night and kill you with my fathers shotgun and butcher knife.

Me: Two Words on the chances of me passing on your stupid scam: FAT CHANCE. Also I would easily beat you in both a gun fight and a sword fight. Funny thing is I have little experiance with both and I would still beat you in a fight. However my vocal pitch which is my top weapon would rekill you before you would get anywhere to my front door. So don't even try.

Jenny:  Y……ou…………… You have 5 hours to complete this task.

Me: You Have 2 seconds to fix your stuttering mouth and get it off my screen.

Jenny: Don't believe me,

Me: Is that even a question? ZZZZZZZZZ....

Jenny: maria marshall, Pelham, Texas 1998, was showing and went to bed right after, found dead the next morning. -

Me: ZZZZZZZ..... Uhh.. What? Oh yeah, Boring! Even a first grader knows how to spell showering. Also I don't care about your fake girl.

Jenny: keisha jones, Nashville, Tennesee 1995, fell asleep while watching television and mother heard gunshot and scream, found next morning lying on the floor.

Me: Jenny, please do me a favor and retake 3rd Grade grammer at a Ghostly Elementary School because this is the worst grammer I have seen in ages. I don't care about your second fake girl either.

Jenny: -omar wilkionsin, milwaukee, wisconsin 2002, reading a book to go to bed and was shot and stabbed through the book after he fell asleep.

Me: Mama Mia! Terrible proper treatment to proper names. I bet he did fall asleep with the book in his hand you liar.  I can tell you he probably didn't and I don't know the guy.

Jenny:  Still dont don't believe me?

Me: ZZZZZZZZ...... Uhh, What was the question again? Oh yes. Do I still disbelieve you? Yes you idiot.

Jenny: google their names....

Me: Ms. Capri, the leader of this group already did so. Also Google has a capital G at the beginning of it, but you probably wouldn't know that since you probably failed 2cnd grade internet class

Jenny: Trust me

Me: Trust you about what? I won't, you losing liar! 
Jenny: i did not want to paste this.
Me: Then why did you? Oh wait to start a repulsive Death Hoax. That's why. Trust ME Jenny, I may be a newcommer to the Chain-Smashers but I'm not dumb. Also "I" should be capitalized but you wouldn't know that.

Jenny: But it's kinda scary

Me: Kinda scary my butt. That's not true. Your story is "cut up" everywhere and is broken apart by Me, Ms. Capri, and by other Smashers not to mention we know the truth.

Jenny: so I did it it's to be sure

Me: Sure about what? Sure that others would see it? Well others have seen it, Smashed it, bagged it, and tagged it with the other rubbish of yours and your friends. I have won Jenny. You though Jenny, need to get out of my sight.


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link this post written on 18/06/2013
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Hehe! Great smash! And welcome here, Ryan! The more of us here to pulverize these hoaxes and help others not to be afraid of them, the better. Thanks for the compliments BTW! *Grin*

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link this post written on 19/06/2013
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Well Thank You, I appreciate it.
link this post written on 19/06/2013
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Hehe You're welcome!
link this post written on 29/06/2014
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My name is Jenny.

Erin: Not nice to meet you, Jenny!

I am 16 years old and have dark blonde hair. NOW THAT YOU HAVE STARTED READING YOU MAY NOT STOP!!

Erin: I'll stop whenever I feel like it. Which is just about now. I will go drink some water.

I was murdered July 14th with my fathers shotgun and butcher knife.

Erin: Both? What, he killed you two times? Or stabbed and shot you at the same time? That sounds weird.

If you do not post this on 20 other pages i will come to your house in the middle of the night and kill you with my fathers shotgun and butcher knife.

Erin: Ah, like every other chain letter creep I have ever come across in my life. If you dare enter my house, you will most likely end up with a couple more holes on your forehead!

You have 5 hours to complete this task.

Erin: I don't put a deadline to my smashes, if that is what you mean, and if you mean reposting this, then no! 

Dont believe me, *maria marshall,

Erin: Putting real murder victims in chain letters is really not cool! Imagine finding out one of your dead relatives or close friends had become part of a hoax!

Pelham, Texas 1998,

Erin: Maria Matshall was murdered in 1984, in Oyster Creek of New Jersey by her husband. 

was showing and went to bed right after,

Erin: Was showing? Oh, maybe you meant showering? Good job on forgetting a whole syllable. 

found dead the next morning. * keisha jones, Nashville, Tennesee 1995, fell asleep while watching television and mother heard gunshot and scream, found next morning lying on the floor.

Erin: If I was a mother and heard a gunshot and scream, I would immediately call the police. Not wait until next morning! 

omar wilkionsin, milwaukee, wisconsin 2002, reading a book to go to bed and was shot and estabbed through the book after he fell asleep.

Erin: The double shoot-stab thing again... And I don't think the blade would reach far enough through a book to stab someone. 

Still dont believe me? google their names....

Erin: I already did. I only got information on Maria Marshall, whose murder happened somewhere and sometime else altogether, and not by some Jenny creep, and pages with the chain letter, including this one. 

Trust me i did not want to paste this.

Erin: If you didn't want you, then you wouldn't have. You are not possessed, you can control your actions.

But its kinda scary so i did it just to be sure 

Erin: More like ridiculous!

link this post written on 29/06/2014
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Hahaha! Two more holes in her head, I like it. And I'm pretty sure you have something normal to get that done, rather than an oddball creation like Jenny's knife-shooting gun. *Grin*

Welcome here, Erin, great smash!

link this post written on 29/06/2014
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A knife shooting gun? That sounds a bit counter-productive... Thanks a lot, I love your work! 
link this post written on 29/06/2014
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Hehe. Not to mention how ridiculous it would look. "Pow!" and within a fraction of a second, what do you see? A knife flying out of the barrel, which soon blows up because it wasn't designed for pushing out such a large piece of unwieldy ammo. The knife, being much clumsier than a bullet, falls with a loud "Clang!" nowhere near the intended target.

Yep, you are right, it is counterproductive! Hahaha!

So take that, Jenny, your scare-tactic completely, uh, shot! :p

Thanks for the compliment BTW, Erin, you are of course welcome to browse around the smashes on these forums and make replies, and if you happen upon a chain you don't find smashed here, you can start a new topic to smash it.

Thanks also for joining Down With Slender! *Grin* That disgusting creep really needs more than a few good swift kicks in the you-know-where, and several sound slaps upside his great big zit head.

link this post written on 29/06/2014
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Oh, he will have quite a hard time scaring me, I assure you. Especially after I use his own tentacles as ropes. 
link this post written on 29/06/2014
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*Wicked grin* Bwahahahaha! Go get 'im!
link this post written on 29/06/2014
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Where do you plan to write the story? 
link this post written on 29/06/2014
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It is being written and is in progress at our fictionlands site - http://fictionlands.pbworks.com and is called "Nightmares For Noodleheads" We've got a good start on it with the first two sections done, and the third, which I don't know if it will continue within that section or what comes next for Laughing Jack will be in the fourth section. We're creaming a bunch of these sadistic repulsive creeps.
link this post written on 29/06/2014
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I see. Well, feel free to tell me when I can add something. 
link this post written on 29/06/2014
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Sure. Do you have any ideas? Maybe you and I can discuss them back and forth here on this forum, and if they will fit into the whole scheme somewhere, I'll put them in.
link this post written on 29/06/2014
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I will tell you if I think of anything. 
link this post written on 29/06/2014
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Cool. You are welcome to read and check back on the progress of our story at FL, so that you become more familiar with it and characters, and if something enspires you to get an idea, you can run it past me. Our original Slender Man story project got horribly derailed when a couple other people didn't know which direction they wanted to take the story, causing it to flounder all over the place, and then the MLP fangirl royally screwed it up. So we had to start it almost right from scratch, keeping only the first section out of the 4 or 5, maybe 6.
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